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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
The plants had to go without pollination for an era(s)? If that was true they would've died (that's basic science). So, it had to be in one day.
Actually no. Not at all. Not even close. Plants don't require animals to pollinate, they're actually quite fine on their own. Many actually can self pollinate if the need arises (ie if there are no animals around).

Angiosperm reproduction is also quite different from the reproduction of gymnosperms, don't forget. (ie double fertilization to form the cotyledons in the seed coat).

Your rudimentary knowledge of "science" is not enough to indicate anything. By the way, some plants have evolved to have adaptations to allow plants to have more variation. These adaptations include tricking animals into helping pollinate, instead of using the wind and proximity to do it.

Originally Posted by M@RS
I don't understand how you can claim to be a christian, and then claim you don't believe the Bible (or at least say so by saying you believe in evolution). Does it not say to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength? And, to love God is to love (and obey) his teaching (or his word).
Because unlike fundamentalists, I think critically about what I believe. I can love God with all my heart without disagreeing with Evolution.

(By the way to love God is not "to love (and obey) his teaching (or his word)". To love God is to Love God.)

The Bible is a book, (even you can agree) that was written by humans. Humans have biases and predjudices, have points of view and make mistakes. So the original writers could have made an error. And then, the people who translated it from Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek (respectively) to Latin and then English could have also done the same.

I believe in what the bible is saying, but more an overall sense. "Adam and Eve" weren't writing down the story of creation in the nude so who wrote it? And who's to say that they wrote it perfectly?

Riddle me this:
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The real question is, why do these two stories (Gen 1 and Gen 2) differ? More, how is it possible for them to differ?


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