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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Actually, his opinion wasn't necessary, nor was it topical. It was merely an opportunistic slap at theists. Whether you think the world evolved or was created by someone/thing, the OP made it clear he was talking about a passage. Whether you think said material is "full of it" is immaterial. However, it might have helped some people here if he'd added "according to the Bible" (though it was clearly implicit in his post).

Actually, the English text you provided could be interpretted two ways. He finished his work on the 7th day and rested or he finished it by the end of day 6 and rested all of the 7th. However, noone was around to see any of this and mimartin's point is quite valid. If God created the universe, then surely He could pollinate the plants w/o the help of insect or animal.

Your continuous lack of comprehension when it comes to these debates is starting to become a bit suspicious. If you read the OP (including where I was quoted) you'd see that this thread was spawned from a mini-debate Rev7 and I were having because I touted evolution over the 6-day theory. His bible verse is a representation of his point of view. He's presented a claim and hopes to have us prove it false (to the extent we can).

So the material being "full of it" is in fact not so irrelevant. In fact, it is inherent to this debate, one that you seem woefully confused with. And if he had added "according to the bible" it would have made this thread absolutely pointless, something I thought was implicit as well. Guess we were both wrong

@topic - here's a nice little youtube clip that helps with this:


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