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Originally Posted by ew
Your continuous lack of comprehension when it comes to these debates is starting to become a bit suspicious. If you read the OP (including where I was quoted) you'd see that this thread was spawned from a mini-debate Rev7 and I were having because I touted evolution over the 6-day theory. His bible verse is a representation of his point of view. He's presented a claim and hopes to have us prove it false (to the extent we can).
Seriously, dude, can the snarkiness. It's obvious from the context of the quotes that Rev7 provided that he's talking about a question of 6 vs 7 DAYS (days/eons/eras whatever you want to call it). It wasn't a question of religion vs science as achilles derided it with his aside. He didn't ask if it was correct that it was 6 days vs 4-6 billion years. Your whole argument about miscomprehension is, as usual, misplaced. Leading me to question your motives as well. Even you referenced quote shows that the debate revolves around the # of "days" and not whether God or evolution/big bang created the earth. My observation about achilles' comment was spot on, your apparent inability to comprehend that notwithstanding. Frankly, when you read the question in the OP, it's pretty explicit that he wants top know whether the answer is 6 or 7 (not whether "skydaddy" had a hand in it at all).

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