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Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
I agree with bokken on this point. The logic involved with that statement makes absolutely no sense. I also wonder if this is also motivated by automatic sympathy for an apparent "martyr" in the circumstances. I hate to make such personal comments, but I'm replying to what I'm observing here. Just because someone can post their opinion (which everyone has), it doesn't necessarily make them a messiah.

What? So. . .I basically agreed with someone I don't know for sypmathy? That makes sense and I see why you'd say something like that. However, this has nothing to do with that. And once again, I'm saying I only took his said because his view points are similar to my own. I'm not making him any 'Messiah' or whatever else you have to put out there. It's nothing complicated to it, just similar opinions, and everyone seems to conclude he's being praised. Now seriously, I came to this forum because of the Battlefront series and how I enjoyed it. I understand I'm new and that 'we' will tend to get a hard time for being fresh on the page. So no one starts out perfect. And it's apparent that the 'newbies' are inexperienced and more pointed towards their own ideas, rather than what the thread desires. So. . .If you want to keep on this same subject about me agreeing with someone. . .then god help you. It's only human nature. You act as though you've never agreed with someone before.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
I'm unsure what "LOTR" game you're talking about, perhaps Battle for Middle-earths? Yes, they lacked proper support and patching (I wouldn't use the term "sucked," though), but RotWK alone was better than this at first sight...

Yeah, Lord of the Rings. Not a good game. I tried it though.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
Again, I'll say I'm not going to blow cash on a new hand-held because LA is too cheap to make a proper game on PC. I refuse to conform to low-grade, low-quality cash-wastage.

There are many people "honest" with their opinions, but I suppose that makes them worthy of support, regardless of substance or anything else defining of such opinion(s)?...

That makes sense as well. But either way in my own 'opinion' I'm saying I'd at least try it. But if you are positive it's going to be a complete waste, then you not buying the game is something that's up to you. . .Not any of us. The only thing we can do is influence your decision with our own opinions and thoughts.

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