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The original Hebrew language leaves some wiggle room for interpretation as to 6 literal 24-hour days as we know them (although how is there any way to tell how long a day is before creation of the Sun?) or 6 discreet "steps" of somewhat indeterminate length.

So each "day" as described could be years (perhaps millions or billions) long.

In that sense, the scientific and religious accounts could be seen as almost lining up to a certain extent. (Big bang creation of the universe; formation of stars; formation of our sun and solar system; Earth becoming a wet planet; evolution of the animal world; the rise or humans...)

Although, one has to wonder: For a deity of such power, why bother to do it in steps at all? Seems to me the authors of the book were imposing humanistic limits on their creator.

Then there's the not so small issue of 2 separate and somewhat differing creation stories in the first couple of chapters of the book of Genesis.

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