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Originally Posted by paprik123456 View Post
Why shall I be happy, when it looks like crap?? ... I am not! George Lucas kicked 200 people out of his company, because of economy trouble (excuses). So now, he doesnt have any talented people to make a games. And why they made the switch mode between original game and new remake? It supposed to be remake, but now it doesnt make sense. They dont know at all what they are doing!
Hahaha lolno

GL is just the chairman, he doesn't call the shots, Rodriguez el Presidento does.

Second, more people != better games, you should know this well if you're an MI fan. Hell, it could be reasoned that LA's games got progressively worse as they picked up more and more employees.

And I can't even begin to start opposing your argument against the switch mode, it makes no sense whatsoever.

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