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I will not let the thread that we have been waiting for for nearly 10 years get derailed on the second page. If that happens I will hunt down and kill the person who is responsible for the derail.

And talking of "derail", which, let's face it, kind of rhymes with "jail", did you know that there's a Disney Jail and that Disney are EVIL? Observe:

Originally Posted by I got this from some conspiracy website about Disney, but it's pretty credible. I know since my Uncle from Spain is rich and knows Quentin Tarantio. I see him like every weekend, he just showed me a bunch of films he's working on.
Seventeen year old Terri Dorsett was at Disneyland with some classmates when one of them, unbeknownst to Terri, dropped a Mickey Mouse pen into her bag. They were stopped by a Disney security person for shoplifting. Even though the other girl readily admitted that Terri had nothing to do with it and she had dropped the pen into Terri's bag as a 'joke', they were both taken to Disney Jail, fingerprinted and not allowed to call anyone (remember, these are minors).. Terri's dad ended up spending $15,000 to fight charges which Disney insisted on pressing, all the way to court before Terri was acquitted.
And, to discredit what I was about to say (which was "and it isn't one of those themed pirate jails either"):
Originally Posted by Some guy who knows all about the depths of Disney's evil
New York social worker Vicki Prusnofsky was stopped and questioned by two Disney Security Guards after they saw her leave one of the shops wearing a Mickey Mouse pin and earrings. Which she had bought on a previous trip. They searched through her bag and found a roll of film she had just bought - but for which she didn't have a receipt. They went back inside the store where the cashier vouched for the fact that Vicki was just there and had indeed purchased the film. All is well, right? Wrong. She was hauled off to Disney Jail, fingerprinted, strip searched and put into a cell with "whores and thieves" for hours.
So it probably is one of those themed pirate jails... but real

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