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Well whatever races/species/kinds/genres or however you like it nitpick away to your own heart's content (on someone else's time mind you), I will use whatever terminology I am familiar and comfortable with thank you very much.

On-topic; I don't believe the world was actually created in 60 days (nor do I believe religion had a thing to do with the process). Now for my actual question since Achilles was kind enough to rectify for me, why and how could such a complex and wondrous world such as ours come to exist in only 6 me it doesn't seem feasible.

Also to add onto before, I don't believe it was ever specified in the bible just how many different classifications of animals Noah brought aboard the Ark, all we know are 2 of every kind a male and a female. I'm not aware of how many different breeds/off-shoots of animals existed in that time frame, however I know if it were even 10,000 BC there would be a significant difference in the animals that popular culture assumes were all on the ark (2 chimps, two giraffes, two bears, two camels, etc.) Also how would Noah be able to travel all over the globe in enough time to gather such a bestiary before the flood happens? Pangea broke off into different countries a long time ago, so the selection of animals would be slim for the area he was in. Which brings me to ask, is he Santa Claus and does he have access to a super sled guided by eight reindeer?

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