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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
This is not an argument.
I'm sorry?

"All" what? There are 2 species of chimpanzees. Which are you referring to? When you say "bear" do you mean "Panda bear", "black bear" (asian or n. american?), "brown bear"?
Again, splitting hairs. But I'm sure that since you hold Phd's in zoology and philosophy. Of course I am only assuming such doctrines transpired in the first place, but you knew that already...

A good question. Another one is, how was he able to travel all over the globe to deposit specific species where we find them (i.e. marsupials in the Australia, etc) before the animals died?
If we go by the classical myths we can assume there were limitless possibilities for Noah; he could have clicked his heels together three times, could have summoned a giant flying stingray to fly him from place to place, or he could have driven a sled.

An valid argument which makes the mistake of assuming that the noah's ark myth actually transpired as well as many other things. Pangea split about 250 million years ago. The events from the noah myth are said to have occurred <6000 years ago. There is no mention of continental drift in the bible so there is no reason to assume that the authors were aware of it. Even so, we have no reason to believe that there would have been fewer animals around then anyway.
In making an argument you are either going to assume that something either happened or it didn't, I suppose I should have phrased it; "hypothetically speaking since Pangea broke off into different countries years ago, etc, etc". Thank you for the lesson, no really. Anyway I will willfully eject myself from the "conversation" before a moderator decides to do it for me. Plus I would hate for anyone else to miss out on the opportunity for a decent altercation...erm debate.

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