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Hey, im new here, but beingn a massive kotor fan for years now, keep replaying kotor 2 for the joy of it, waiting for team gizka to finish the restoration which looks brilliant.

yeah you got some interesting ideas. i reckon the Genoharadan could be a major part of the mandolorians gaing strength again (btw i bet goto is a member, hes certainly got the character!) the Exile's crew will be found by Bastila as you said, but theres bound to be other jedi out there.

Seing how thw republic is so fragile, but the there is no threat from the mandolorians or the Sith (yet...) crime will come back like it always does, but because of planets like telos and Onderon, the republic will look again to the Jedi.

Surely Canderous/Mandalore will find Carth and Bastila and they three will form an alliance with the crew of the Ebon Hawk?

On the TOR website, the history says Revan never came back from the Unknown regions., i think this is terribly sad, but also realistic, the Sith have gotta win sometimes. but if they are more powerful than the god-like revan, surely the republic stands no chance? unless revan fell into darkness again?

im sure youre right, im sure revan and the exile will be dealt with somehow in the new mmo, wish they'd do kotor 2 some justice and make a third one though.

but look at the factions like this: Republic, Mandolorians, Exchange, Jedi, echani? (are they a faction?) regardless, all these factions have been battered by the actions of Revan and his leutenant the exile. If the true Sith are coming, surely they will unite?\

one last point, if there is to be a kotor 3, surely it could be a prequel? the story of what Revan found at Malachor at the end of the War, his relationship with the exile and why thr exile left?

interesting stuff! what do you think?
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