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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
Kind: a group united by common traits or interests

Species: a class of individuals having common attributes and designated by a common name

Essentially the word "kind" and the word "species" are the same.
So you would like to put forth that "kind" should be interpreted as "species". I will accept that for the purpose of this conversation, however please remember that you cannot change your answer later.

Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
Who knows how many animals were there, but they all fit in the ark.
How do you know?

Since you've opted to define "kind" as "species", you should know that there are more than a million species of animal. Since we "know" that there were two of each "kind" that means that we'd have more than 2 million animals (much closer to 2.5 million) a 450x75 foot area...with food...and waste. Even if we were to accept that some of these animals could swim or fly along side rather than take up space on-board, or that they were babies (even though your own source makes absolutely no mention of this whatsoever), were still talking about hundreds and hundreds of thousands of land animals (some of them quite large, even as babies) in an area smaller than a football field.
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