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Some more blue bomber. In the classic series. Though this number of title made it apparent this was going to be a rehash series...well, I'd say at least what it has going fo ir is the music tracks...
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MM5--Dr. Wily music.

Tired of MM already? Bah--I'll give you something else.......
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Famicom version CV3, track Vs Dracula round 1

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Beavis and Butt-Head SNES various tracks hospital level

I actually was bored enough hella days ago to try to play these on my electric bass. I actually was able to do almost all of these back then more or less. Except the boss theme-- I just wasn't fast enough. Since I wasn't the best (and no doubt major time suckage NOW that I ain't played it in, what 8, 9 years) I was a bit rough or sloppy on most all of them. But I have to admit it was fun when I did them. *looks at my old axe* Damn how times change.
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