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appearance field blank / items not showing up / etc

i finally got tsl running on vista (used the vista fix) and tried using the save game editor (v3.3.3). the appearance field is completely blank and almost everything i tried to change doesn't show up; example, i gave myself 2 red and 6 silver lightsabers and got 1 green one. the attributes don't change at all, the good/evil doesn't change...i'm lost. i've used this utility plenty of times before...

any help would be greatly appreciated. my wife is about to throw things at me.

Edit: ...and i just figured out the green lightsaber only appears after the "skip peragus" sequence. so, actually, the save game editor is doing absolutely nothing.

Edit 2: mods i'm using:

skip peragus
jedi temple
unrestored content
high level force powers

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