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Staff Of Kings - us-version uncut?!


Does anybody of you know, if the us-version of this game is fully uncut?
I mean, are there any swastikas in the game, or can you hear/read the word "nazi" in the us-version? As far as i know, the pal-version is cut...
This is from the Wii-preview on IGN:


"Starting in Sudan, Indy perched high on a sand-swept precipice, overlooking distant pyramids and a German encampment (you won't hear the word 'Nazi' here, incidentally, with the familiar swastika replaced by something a little more family-friendly)..."

Hmm, i don't know if they have tested the uk pal-version or the us ntsc-version
Btw. i would like to buy the PlayStation2-version, are there any differences between the PS2-version and the Wii-version (cut/uncut)?

Maybe somebody of you does have the ntsc-version of this game and give me some more infos about cut/uncut, please? Especially about the PS2-version.

Thanks a lot!
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