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OK, before this becomes a spam'n'beer fest.....

Actually, people on all sides of politics have basically said what you said, Te Mirdala. Some even more knit-picky about the humans themselves--in fact I have an un authored mod where I remember on PCGM's description, mod creator having a few words about this.

I'll say this much: SW uses hero-man type of stories so stereotypes are hard to avoid. Not that it entirely justifies them. While I have noticed a mostly human or predominantly humanoid-proxy character population in SW, it doesn't normally faze most people.

I.E. in the SW tales: Flecat (while similar to cathar in many respects, their humanoid form is much more attractive looking, they can turn psychotic and morph into humongous ferocious cat creatures)

Why are most human esque? I would guess probably a relation device. But TBH I do wonder why we don't see more Defels (wolf-oids), "ratties", bear buffalo beasts, etc.

Actually check the wiki for creatures, quite interesting.
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