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Question GTK Radiant Shader Issue and .bsp issue

The whole story is slightly complicated, so I'll try to run through it as concisely as I can:

Recently, I decided to make some maps in JKJA. However, with no knowledge of Radiant, I had no idea where to begin. Luckily, I found this great tutorial by RichDiesal - Let me say that it has been great! However, I notice that the tutorial was written originally for JO, not JA.

Anyways, I followed through to making my first room using JK2Radiant as it had suggested. But when I tried to load it in JKJA, it said that it couldn't find the .bsp version of my map. Not sure what it meant, I copied the .map version and renamed it so that it was .bsp instead. Now the error in the game was something to the effect of "cannot load map because version is 19something-or-other (should be 1)". I assumed that this was because JK2Radiant was just that - for JK2, and as such didn't work with JKJA.

After looking around online, I found a newer version of Radiant (1.4.0) and installed it in the same place as where JK2Radiant was. But now, for all the texture images it had a checker-board of red and black squares with an overlay saying "shader image missing". I uninstalled the 1.4.0 version, and then installed the GTKRadiant v1.5.0, to no avail. Since I really am still a noob in this area (I'm not even sure of the difference between a shader and a texture ), could anyone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong that's making the shader image missing thing happen, and how to fix it? (btw, JK2Radiant still sees all the "shader images" - I haven't yet uninstalled it).



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