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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
I'll believe in a "moderate" in Iran when the mullahs have been effectively deposed. Once their influence is severly curtailed, it might actually become possible to talk about a "moderate" Iran. Till then, this election isn't much different from your average commie election in the old USSR. The names change, but the song remains effectively the same. Besides, your "savior" has already declared a partial pullout by mid 2010 and pretty much completely by 2011-2 or so (not fast enough for leftie loons, but still pretty quick). Just in time for elections. Hmm....
By moderate, I'm thinking Gorbachev vs say Brezhnev (dunno if that was what Achilles was thinking). Even in the USSR there were moderates and there were hard-liners. Uh, "Savior"?
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