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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
I hope it happens, but I just don't think it will. If Obsidian had had more time to develop TSL I think it could have been superior to the original. So between the two developers I would have probably rather seen Obsidian make KotOR 3 if SW:TOR wasn't happening. I guess anything is possible when it can make LucasArts money, but they will make so much on The Old Republic already.
I could have seen KotOR 3 being designed as a lead in for the Old Republic. But at this point there seems no evidence or even rumors to support that idea.
Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Yeah, it's too bad that BioWare is pretty much not acknowledging the existence of TSL at all.
Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I don't think that it's just BioWare, Jeff; it's LA. I think that they want everyone to forget that TSL ever existed, because it was the ultimate result of a failed policy of theirs. It caused LA a considerable amount of embarrassment and they caught a lot of flak over it.
I wish I would have taken some screenshots of the story background that was on the TOR website when it first launched. I thought I saw some mention of the Exile back then but now can't seem to find it. If LucasArts and BioWare are minimalizing SW history as set forth in TSL then the one thing they haven't gotten away from is the hidden existence of the Sith, which concept was introduced by TSL. KotOR provided Revan but it was pretty much a self-contained story. Sure you have the shade of Ajunta Pall talking about where the Sith's power came from in KotOR but Obsidian are the ones who introduced the concept of Revan leaving for the Unknown Regions after remembering the threat against the Republic that he had discovered. After all, is it not TSL's concept of the true Sith who have finally revealed themselves and come out of hiding to conquer the Republic?

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