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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
^Too bad Obsidian couldn't make the better of the 2 KOTOR''d be nice to see KOTOR 3...unfortunately...if it's not made by will just be the third one...nothing special really...

Good to hear that someone still wants to make it at least...
I think you put undue emphasis on company that makes it. Remember it was also about timing, as well. LA cut production short. K1 had 36 months whereas K2 only had ~ 1/3rd of that.

Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
And if they can't get the permission of LucasArts, they could make K3 as a huge mod for K2. It could be accessed via alternate launcher.
Well, I think this has been addressed in the outer regions. What I've actually found is that fans have a hard time accepting anything so bold from other fans. They want such things to be official. Speaking myself as a sucker of canon.

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
I think the answer I got from Tom Nichols at E3 this year gives us the answer.

I hope it happens, but I just don't think it will. If Obsidian had had more time to develop TSL I think it could have been superior to the original.
Well, the best we could hope for regarding TSL is that Obsidian recognizes the work being done to run glitches out of K2 and restore the cut content. And that it is recognized by lucasarts.

Yeah, it's too bad that BioWare is pretty much not acknowledging the existence of TSL at all.
It's all a business competition thing. Hell, in the Darth Bane novels there was barely any acknowledgement in them of TSL at all--the author WAS the story writer for K1, Drew Karyshyn after all. Subtle minor details and the only way one could tell is that it uses minor details while it carefully moves around TSL.

I.E. in rule of two Freedon Nadd's tomb was visited and somehow there was some unexplored passageway and area hidden by an illusion cast by sith magics.

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post

Too bad that they didn't. It remains one of the biggest "what-ifs" in gaming.
I'm sure given enough time someone will think what to do with it so that it can best turn up a profit.
I don't think that it's just BioWare, Jeff; it's LA. I think that they want everyone to forget that TSL ever existed, because it was the ultimate result of a failed policy of theirs. It caused LA a considerable amount of embarrassment and they caught a lot of flak over it.
That said to me that LA is slightly more concerned with money.

Suppose it is also a bit of side effects of modern society? It seems people have preconceived expectations: regardless how good any piece actually was, it will always be downplayed, underrated, and disliked for being a darker story. People are too used to this glorious happy friendly all fuzzy warm crap. Too Hollywood instead of more realistic. I know that it is becoming rarer all the time that we actually see such open ended stories requiring a more philisophical outlook and a bit of imagination.

Simply put: nothing in the "good ratings" of popular stuff seems to require people to use value judgments anymore.

Originally Posted by cire992 View Post

Now, TSL.

TSL was darker than KOTOR. Maybe that's why LA wants it to go away. No more tsl, no more Dark Forces, no more Shadows of any Evil Empires, no... LA bigwigs want cute padawans and cartoony graphics with rainbows, dancing gungans and emo sith lords. E for everyones' kids' autistic friends. You dig it, Lucas and crew? Money.
Pretty much my sentiments. Characters like Han Solo, Dash Rendar, Lando Calrissian, Kyle Katarn, Boba Fett. These characters gave it so much depth and contrast.

Same sort of gripe with capcom and the megaman series. They kept gearing it to the younger audience and rehashing its old news like it was the next big thing. Having grown up with the original series I can say I feel a bit betrayed.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
The biggest problem with TOR is that they have not explained how the Jedi Order was rebuilt after the Jedi Civil War, and more specifically, the First Jedi Purge. It's as if the war was nothing more than a small skirmish, a footnote in history, while as we saw in TSL, the war brought the Republic to near death. That also brings up the question of what happened to the Exile's companions. After all, they were supposed to rebuild the order, and as of now, that has been totally ignored.
I hear ya.

It is canon that HK-47 survives through time and is still around in secret during the times of the separatists and the rise of Vader and The Empire: so at least we know what will become of HK-47...I would not be surprised if he showed up sometime either in the Legacy series at ~130 ABY currently under development in the comics. Or in the next time period.

I would take bets, though, the HK series of droids did not die down so soon. That we'll see plenty of them in TOR.

What perplexes me most, is the fact that BioWare has been continuously using Mark Griskey's score for TSL in their media, which seems to negate their retconning of K2. I mean, if they want everyone to overlook TSL, then they should keep mum on the subject entirely.

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Originally Posted by Lord Of Hunger
[HERESY]I hope to God that a K3 never happens, not only because of above reasons. A K3 would be completely overboard since TSL closed that section of the canon until TOR. I am part of a total conversion that is building a K3, and it is already hard enough to build such a mod without the storyline being a stretch. I say we let Bioware, which is obviously taking the lessons of TSL to heart, build this MMO and make tons of money from it. Better an MMO with some Clone Wars architecture than a second TFU. No more Skywalkers after Cade, no winy emo Jedi like Anakin, no more random overpowered Force users like Galen. Let the fans take over from here, Lucas.[/HERESY]

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