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Name: Darth Zavier

Faction: Sith Lord

Age: 25

Lightsaber: 2-Bladed Lightsaber

Lightsaber Color: Red

Other Weapons: Fists, mini lightsaber knife

Home Planet: Kashyyyk

Ship: The Terminater

Era: Clone Wars/ GCW

Bio: His real name is just 'Zavier'. Born on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars, when the Emperor issued order 66, Kashyyyk was attacked and the new empire captured him. Realizing something great in him, The Emperor Takes him under his wing, secretly, and trains him. He masters the doublesaber, and great fighting skills. Soon, he was named Darth Zavier, and at the end of the Clone Wars, Emperor sends him to a planet to be tested. While on there, he faces the most challenging of events. This ends just about the time Episode 6 is finished. When he returns, he finds both Emperor and Darth Vader both dead, so carrying on alone, the once trainee, finds the remaints of the empire, which is only a few Star Destroyers, and builds a whole new empire from them, recruiting and training everyone in it. So, he dons himself a Sith Lord, and plans to build a Sith army that he personally trains everyone to master the Sith to go along with his new empire, but this could take time...

"They'll hunt me; They'll condemn me; Set the dogs on me; Because that's what needs to happen. Because sometimes, the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes, people deserve more. Sometimes, people deserve to have their faith rewarded. Not because they want to, not because of chance, but because they deserve to."

-Batman (From TDK)
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