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Actors for the movie (TSL)

If you would to make a K1 movie who would you choose as you're main actors?

I would choose:

The Exile- In my personal choice I would choose Jada Pinkett Smith.

Atton- Atton could be hard to find one who looks like him, who about Justin Chatwin?

Bao Dur- Don't know who.
Brianna- haha I was thinking of using Keira Knightley, changing her hair color and her eyes to fit a more Echani look.

Canderous- Forget about it, Ron Pearlman is the one. lol

Kreia- It's really dificult to find someone for her, I think I would choose Dame Margaret Natalie Smith, is the only one that can come to my mind.

Mical- Hmmm meaby Patrick Wilson.

Mira- Don't know who to choose.
Visas- Nither. Give me some help here.

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