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Mira. Her personal ideals were already somewhat similar to the Jedis. She is tough and experienced, has no family ties, and has seen the best and worst of what the galaxy has to offer.

Mical was rejected by the Jedi, and while he has studied Jedi history, I think he may be the most likely to seek to change the rules, believing it to be for the best, and that is very risky.
Brianna is too combat oriented and has a great deal of internal baggage concerning the Jedi.
Bao-Dur is a follower, not a leader. He would be far too likely to doubt himself and be indecisive.
Visas would be the most experienced with the Force, but too much of that is the Dark Side. She is bound to have personal prejudices, and might unintentionally teach other Jedi to hate the Sith.
Don't even get me started on Atton. I have no idea why he is so popular, he is nothing but an Emo punk who takes out his insecurities on others. Just look at the things he did, torturing and killing Jedi! What's more he felt contempt for them. I judge him the most likely to quickly turn to the darkside, taking many others with him.

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