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About needing a forum (sorry for being overly wordy): Talk pages are great for quick exchanges about specific pages, which I definitely want to keep at the talk pages, but there are downsides.
  • It can quickly get messy to figure out who's responding to what. Things like quote and multi-quote help with that. You can theoretically do that in talk pages too, but it just gets more messed up. And the indentation method is good but not really enough when things get complex.
  • Related to this, if a discussion gets long it's a lot easier to keep track of and navigate through in a forum.
  • Some discussions aren't about any single page. The Manual of Style is distributed over various subpages, but I'd prefer to keep the discussion in one thread. Some policy discussions may involve whether certain pages should be created at all.
  • Talk pages can get buried in recent changes and overlooked. That's generally not really an issue but bad for more fundamental things like design and policy.
  • (For reasons like these we've previously found the in-wiki forum and social group quite useful despite the talk pages.)

Sorry for wasting so much text on that. Now for a bunch of on-topic comments and questions on that story style page you've put up:
  • It might be a good idea to have separate subguides for comics, cartoons and telltale episodes, not sure.
  • Do you think there should be an infobox for comics? I could make one, featuring title, number of pages, year, first appearance, and maybe previous and next.
  • The problem with the character lists being huge is mostly limited to the Telltale episodes, and dividing them into columns helps there. I've already done that, so we should be good.
  • What do you think of the way the characters section is split between Main and Other in some cartoon episode pages? I'm against that myself, enough that I'll fix those right away if you agree.
  • I'm against having a Character Development section. In the comics and cartoons there mostly just isn't any, and where there is it's better to mention it in the plot or on that character's page. If it isn't relevant enough to go in either of those places, it's probably not worth mentioning at all. Throwaway gags aren't character development.
  • I think a references section is a bad idea. The games in particular have far too many of them, and it doesn't add much anyway.
  • I'm missing a See Also section. I'll put it in above External Links.
I hope I'm not overwhelming you with all this. It's otherwise good
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