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I want to first start off that it is awesome that we have this forum but I think we should have the link a bit more "prominent" than a small link to the side. Is there anyway of making a link in the "We are currently editing over 219 articles [...]" area?

Now to some of your questions, here's my two cents (and a half):

Should the Likes and Dislikes sections be spelled with a ":"? (In my opinion, no. But see below)
I don't think so too, but I think it ended that way because before it was just a unsectioned off list. What I want to know is if the periods are being used correctly. Do we really need each word or statement as a sentence?

Should we have Likes and Dislikes sections at all? (I'm opposed to them. They gob up space and aren't all that interesting. Better to move some of that info where relevant.)
I like the section (it adds to description of their personalities). When I look at a character page, I scan the bio (because usually those are way too long to read... btw, ours aren't too bad) then go to the "did you know?" section. The Likes and Dislikes are kinda like that section. It also helps develop ideas to what to write next. For example, I love the facts that Sam likes musicals and dislikes suicide, but I can't think of a way to actually write a sentence or paragraph about just those subjects. Maybe someday someone will have enough information to warrant one.

I can see how it can get unwieldy and long (hard to pick out ones that are actually really interesting), but I have no idea where to put it...

Should more sections be mentioned? Something like Alternate Versions or Character Design Evolution perhaps?
We do have a "Character Design Evolution" section. I made it myself and planned on starting it after finishing the cartoon summaries :weary about those:. What I had in mind was a side by side by side comparisons of the different... evolutions... of art styles Sam and Max took over the years. Sam and Max would have their separate "trees" (I believe that Mr Purcell's current style doesn't match up with Telltale's, but they are being used at the same time) in their own pages.

Generally, is this a good structure and are the section names appropriate? This is the time to nitpick.
I don't know. ^^; I just write whatever comes to mind. I'm playing the games on the Xbox and I came to a sudden realization that we don't have a page or something about Bosco's inventions (like we have for the Geek... kinda). That would be nice to have.
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