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Note: Max Hit Points and Max Force Points, while editable appear to be calculated
at the time the savegame is loaded. Therefore while these fields are editable, the
game will change the values back to what it calculates as correct. It is therefore
better to change your Wis/Cha and Con to affect your MFP and MHP.
Hi there is solution to add I think. There is one more attribute in the save game file called:


So I think this should be displayed as well and modyfiable. I think this includes also the class bonus for each level and that is why I am not able to change my character corretly. I was unfortunately unable to compile the source file myself missing (at least I think cause I never used perl and I am not programmer at all )

use strict;
use Bioware::GFF 0.64;
use Bioware::TwoDA 0.14;
use Bioware::ERF 0.12;
use Bioware::TLK 0.02;
use Bioware::BIF 0.02;
use Bioware::TPC 0.02;
use Imager;
use Tk::PNG;
use MIME::Base64;
use Digest::HMAC_SHA1 qw(hmac_sha1);

Anyway could you please do me a favor and make that editable in the future versions ?

Or anyone know how to modify it directly in the .sav file?

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