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The Bounty Hunter wears heavy armor and on the website it is across from the Trooper. I think it's a safe bet that Trooper and Bounty hunter are counterparts.

Trooper - Bounty Hunter

And we know there's a Smuggler and some sort of sneaky Sith class (from videos and screenshots).

Smuggler - Sneaky Sith (Pirate, Spy, whatever)

The Jedi and Sith are obviously in the game and are counterparts

Jedi - Sith

The last pairing is where we have the conundrum. I'll agree that making droid as a class is limiting. Many would not want to play a droid, which would eliminate 25% of their choices. It's better to make the droid a race.

I don't think we'll see a medic class. The most recent Star Wars RPG (Saga Edition) has 5 classes: Jedi, Noble, Scoundrel, Scout and Soldier. No "healer" class, but everyone has a heroic surge mechanic to heal themselves and get back in the fight. Each class could have some kind of health recovery/damage mitigation mechanic. In addition, we know that we'll be fighting multiple weaker enemies instead of single enemies with tons of HP, so healing might not be as necessary as it has been in other MMOs.

Let's look at another source for inspiration, D&D. In D&D there are 4 roles: Defender, Striker, Controller, and Leader.

Defenders are the meleers who can soak up damage. Let's say this role is Jedi/Sith.
Strikers are single-target damage dealers. Lets say this role is Smuggler/Pirate.
Controllers are AOE damage dealers and condition givers. Let's say this role is Trooper/Bounty Hunter.

That leaves Leader as the 4th role and I think it's safe to say that this role isn't filled by any of the classes introduced so far. Perhaps an officer class is in order for both sides, to give buffs to others and perhaps get more out of companions.

Trooper - Bounty Hunter
Smuggler - Sneaky Sith (Pirate, Spy, whatever)
Jedi - Sith
Officer? - Officer?
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