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Game developers don't put the desires of their audiences second to their income... well, I mean, they do... but not in the sense you're saying.

Yeah, their paramount concern is money, but the main contributing factor to their income is obviously the happiness of gamers, therefore, their paramount concern is the desire of their audience.

Joshi, you said that they're trying to keep everyone happy but the gamers. This isn't true; they need to keep the gamers happy in order to keep everyone else happy.

Originally Posted by Isak View Post
Yup. As I said before; Lucasarts are releasing these games becasue the adventure gaming genre has become popular again = more audience = more money.
That's true... but why the hell is that a bad thing?!

If a guy gives a little girl an ice cream to impress her mother, the little girl has an ice cream. Who cares if the guy's motives were off? She has an ice cream.


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