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Kurt waited in the hangar for some kind of ship to arrive when he heard footsteps. He turned his head and tightened his grip on his rifle. When he saw Komad's face he loosened his grip and saluted to the jedi.

"Greetings Master Komad. Is there anything you need from me or need me to do sir?"

"As you wish my Mistress." Wrath said as he backed out of the doorway.

The Gen'Dai rounded the corner and assembled everyone on the ship. He gave out the instructions and ordered the sith to their ships. With that out of the way, Wrath made his way to the armory. He opened a metal door with the force and took his armor out. The Gen'Dai suited himself up and walked back to Andirrul's chambers.

"The sith have been sent to their ships and are on their way to locate these diplomats who dare stand in our way. Would you have me leave as well, or should I stay and make sure there's no bloodshed between the two of you?"
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