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((Yay, I'm late, and yet somehow, right on time!))

Roughly A Year Before Current Events

'Thump', went a mans body as it fell to the ground, his humble brown robe falling around him, and covering him like a morticians covering. Another body soon followed, dawned in the same garbs as the other man, only it was the body of a woman.

They were Jedi, both of them, and they were both dead, slain by their overzealous nature, their desire to prove themselves against someone they deemed a Sith. Although they hadn't killed each other, nor themselves, this was all the doing of one person, a tall pale man by the name of Vector S'borr.

Why the Jedi had attacked him was simple, he emanated a dark presence in the force, although, neither Sith, nor Jedi, he was a wielder of the Dark side, but in his own eyes, he was not evil, simply......'misjudged', was the only word that came to his mind.

Vector stared at the woman as she fell, watching as her eyes stared into his own, slowly growing lifeless, and tears forming in them. Sorrow and hatred of himself filled his chest. Vector let go of the Jedi's lightsaber blade, the minor energy field in his Phrik Gauntlet deactivating automatically; the lightsaber fell, it's blade deactivating as it descended.

Vector despised himself when such confrontations occurred, and he came out the victor. He didn't want to kill those he had no quarrel with, and he certainly didn't want the consequences that came after. The half-Human had slain nine, a pilot and copilot, four Republic Soldiers, and two Jedi lovers. Although this only accounted for eight of the nine lives he'd taken, he knew that he had taken nine, he could feel the ninth life fading away with the woman's own life.

Vector couldn't help but feel great sorrow for what had transpired. He'd been stowing away on various shipments throughout New Empire space, traveling from place to place, simply trying to avoid detection. But one shipment lead to him being sent to a Republic supply dead-drop, because, he was not aware of the Republic's presence within New Empire space (Although at this time it was vastly minimal), he did not expect such an occurrence. Soon he found himself in Wild Space, aboard a Star Destroyer outfitted for stealth and surveillance, searching for something he had no knowledge of, and it was slowly making it's way into Wild Space. Desiring to escape the ship without capture, or even so much as any confrontation, Vector snuck[sp?] aboard a transport that was being sent to check out an anomaly that had been detected on a nearby planet. Unfortunately his presence was soon detected as the transport was small, and he'd gotten sloppy after hiding for so long. The male Jedi was first to act, not giving much thought to capturing Vector, they dueled, much to his own dismay, and to the dismay of the pilot and copilot, as the two force wielders' duel ended up causing a crash landing, which killed the pilot, and one Republic soldier, and knocking out the Male Jedi. The rest of the crew ended up attacking Vector as well, thus forcing him to end their lives, but before Vector could leave to avoid any more confrontation, the Jedi awoke from his concussive slumber, and proceeded to attack Vector, but this time more out of anger, than overzealous desire, as the Male Jedi could not detect his lover, he only assumed she had been slain by Vector, thus causing him to deliriously attack the half-human, and although the Jedi was clumsy from his head trauma, he was very dangerous, and Vector literally could not avoid lethal confrontation with the man, thus, ended the life of another servant of the Republic, and the Jedi Order. But that was unfortunately not the end, seeing as the female Jedi had awoken, and removed herself from the wreck of the ship, Vector thought he would have another fight on his hands as the woman charged him immediately, seeing her lover fall to the ground, and in the split second Vector felt the ninth life, and instead of reacting offensively, he put away his own lightsaber, and activated his Phrik Gauntlet, grabbing the blade of the lightsaber the woman was wielding. Soon Vector found himself watching the life ebb from the woman, seeing as the crash had mortally wounded her, he simply stood there, his chest filling with self loathing.

Vector snapped out of his daze, reaching out he grabbed the dying woman before she hit the ground. He lowered her gently, laying her down next to her lover, whom Vector proceeded to turn over so that he was face up, and holding his lightsaber on his chest. The woman, croaked out some strained and mumbled words that Vector couldn't understand, but from the look in her greying eyes, and the gesture she made, he could only assume that she was at peace with everything that had happened.

Vector simply grabbed her hands and placed her lightsaber in them, but in a desperate last thrall, the woman grabbed hold of his hand and squeezed, tears yet again forming in her eyes, but this time her eyes were filled with something Vector wasn't used to, pity, for him. And soon after that her life ended, and almost as if the male Jedi had been waiting, the lovers became one with the force at once, and at the same time. Vector was glad for that at least, the three of them would be together.


Vector looked at his surroundings and grimaced, this was one strange planet he was on. Dark, wet, and covered in sparse, but from what he could tell, dangerous wildlife in all directions, it was most certainly not a very hospitable, nor even desirable planet. Perfect.

It was just what he needed to avoid the roving eyes of the different factions that sought him for different reasons. Vector grabbed what he could find from the wreckage of the transport, and after burying the dead crew members, and marking their graves with crude stones, he began walking, to where, he wasn't sure, but he could feel something strange, if not amazingly faint a few miles away giving him an eerie yet familiar feeling through the Force.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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