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((Yeah, this is kind of late. Don't mind me))

As Komad left the bedside, the Jensaarai followed him to the door quietly, thoughtful of the situation. He could sense a looming danger in the Force and decided that although they might need him on the planet, he would remain and make sure the ship would not fall to enemy presence while the Jedi were away. He bowed to Komad and told him his decision.

"Komad, this is a mission for the Jedi. I will remain here and make sure you have a Star Destroyer to return to afterwards. And most of all, I will attempt to get as much information from our new arrival as I can to bring us all up to speed over her situation" Nandorr told him and bowed again before returning to the patient.

As the large Cathar took a seat by Alriana, his hand waved away the cloak strapped to his back so it would not be caught between the seat and the sitter. The Cathar Jensaarai raised both of his arms to the sides of his helmet to answer her question over his true figure. It would be best to show her than tell her. It both gained trust and showed that the Jensaarai had nothing to hide from the Jedi of any age. As the helmet came off, the Cathar blinked a few times before concentrating. His fur was a light yellowish-brown, but as he sat there it began to change. It first lightened to a pure white before darkening in places to form black stripes going along the fur. As the Cathar opened his eyes from the concentration, he stared at the Jedi and smiled, to the extent that a Cathar could.

"To answer your question, I am a Cathar under all this. But do not think that I take my helmet off lightly. To us Jensaarai, out armor is as much a reflection of ourselves that your lightsaber is a reflection of you" Nandorr said before raising an eyebrow. A question popped into his mind.

"I wonder, why do you not hesitate in greeting me. I believe that the Jensaarai were viewed as isolationist and dark-side affiliated during the old Jedi Order. Our own records tell that the first who accepted our existence between light and dark was Master Skywalker of the new Jedi Order. And because you have lived during the time Darth Vader was a known figure in the Galaxy, would you not fear when you saw someone with my kind of armor and a lightsaber?" the Cathar questioned. It was true that he felt no sign of fear coming from Alriana. More it was a sense of confusion and a feeling of loss if anything.

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