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Take your problems with the current government or whatever elsewhere. We're an internet forum, and are not kept to any solid code, constitution, or what have you. We're not elected officials, senators, or any other major seat of power. "public's outrage"? Public outrage are words you use to describe a senator stealing tax money. You really going to throw that around on a fan forum for a 6 year old game?

Go become a lawyer or a judge or something if you want to complain about something worth anything. If the focus of your attention is course correcting the corruption of a Star Wars forum then your time could probably be better spent watching paint dry, and frankly our attention would be better spent watching said paint than dealing with your angst towards our government or whatever vendetta you are venting onto us.

If you have a problem, contact a forum moderator. It is a debate forum, on a star wars forum, on the internet for heaven's sake. You are being treated within the rules, and your ban was 32 days because you were already a problem in my forum for the exact same reasons. Unfortunately, these events do stack and you are now sitting on your second strike. That is, unless you forgot I had to ban you for flaming when SWTOR was announced.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura
I'm not going to persist with this anymore. I cease now because there is absolutely no worth in a moderator's favor. I see there is no worth in the rules. Anyone who can will break them and there's nothing I can do to change that.
I am sorry that the unpaid staff felt itself unable to follow your demands then.

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