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"The old ball and chain," Tonatius whispered to Kalla. It was meant as a joke, something he had a tendency to lighten the seriousness and to divert attention from himself. Out loud to Reyvan he said, "Aye, Master Jedi."

"Master Komad, should we do anything else in preparation? The Mandalorians and Jun-la tracked the Triumvirate not far from where we are headed." Tonatius had added that last bit before following Reyvan and Kalla.


Tavaryn had heard of the system and in fact was not far from where his niece was with her Padawan. The Lentaru sector was one only told about in stories. Still to come across a Jedi as old as his mother was an interesting prospect. Perhaps some questions could be answered when she was able. He powered up his ship and made ready to meet this strange jedi.


Tyrannus allowed Andirril to graze his cheek for a time but then firmly grasped it in his hand squeezing it enough to bruise it and possibly break it. His eyes were as dead as coals as he replied, "Palpatine was clever in playing upon the passions and prejudices of others. The true way to destroy some one is to destroy their spirit. The assassins of old knew this well. "

He squeezed harder with his hand, "Breaking a Jedi is what truly causes order to fall. Palpatine didn't understand this. If he did, then there would be no Jedi at all. He would have realized that Lady Oiche never was an asset of his. She fooled him."

He then released Andirril's wrist by throwing her back aways. "If you want to destroy the Jedi, break them if you can. Your former lover and cousin would be easier to strike at. Amuzing that they are together after that effect."

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