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(As for my Lady's name, remember it has -UL on the end, as Virul did. )

Andirrul, thrown back through the Force and Tyrannus' strength, stumbled backward and barely regained her balance. She was absolutely livid. "What?!" Her golden eyes were as large as freighter vessels. "Kalla and my cousin have feelings for each other?" She did not know who to tear to shreds first--him or Tyrannus. She suspected that Kalla might find another lover once she herself had become Dark Lady of the Sith, but Tonatius? Of all men, or all maidens, why him? Had she truly forgotten her little Evenstar so quickly? Apparently so--the two-timing mutant worked fast, if it was indeed true!

"Oh, yes, she hissed, her voice that of a holodisc on half-speed. "I'll break them. I'll break every last one, and it turns out that a thrall aboard this vessel I've sent out to bring me one. I wonder how Pahro is faring..."


Pahro Utonula loved to play the innocent. It was her favorite mode of operation, and at times, she could even fool herself into believing her own lies. Before she became a spy for the Sith, seeking fame behind the scenes instead of at the front of them, she had been--of all things--a holovid celebrity. At first, she had brought the Voice of the People to the people, as her program had been called, but gradually that concern of hers had faded altogether. People were dumb animals, especially in herds. Eventually, her broadcast was simply called P, seemingly standing for People but in actuality, only the first letter of her first name. In the end, she left the running of the P media empire to underlings, preferring to run the real Sith Empire instead. Lies were fun, but Sith truths lasted.

Today she'd pretend she was still the host of her beloved holovid enterprise, intending to interview the "Frozen Jedi". Pahro could see the headlines in her mind. She traded her typical officer's uniform for a reporter's stylish blazer. Everyone knew who P was, but no one knew she was an S as well--a S-ith, and a s-py. Venturing to the Jatalra system and arriving there with a minimum of fanfare, she asked around to hear the latest rumors.

Using the Force to try and pinpoint the Jedi, she headed for a distant place.
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