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"You could be a great help to us on the planet. Come on." Komad said to Kurt before joining the others in the hangar. As they boarded the ATT, Kalla asked, "What are the odds that in 120 years, scavengers haven't looted the place, and taken what we're after?" Komad noticed this growing trend with Kalla. More and more, she seemed to be asking doubtful and pessimistic questions during missions. Doubt in itself was good, but the pessimism was what worried him. He had hoped that Tonatius could serve as a steady anchor for her after Bastion, but he knew that he was grieving just as much as she was. "Scavengers have more to lose than to gain out here." Komad replied. As the ship entered the atmosphere, they saw why Alriana had fled here during Order 66. This planet was inhabitable, but unpleasant. It seemed to rain without end, yet it was not even close to being a waterworld. "We should set down as close as we can to that ruin. That was probably Alriana's home, and we don't want to attract any local wildlife." Reyvan suggested.

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