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Garrick was halfway to his hangar when something caught his mind.

The Sith do not reveal their positions willingly...this seems to easy...

Then it dawned on him.

Admiral Khorzan Velerc, Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, had survived the Battle of Bastion, and it was a known fact that he was a tactical genius, probably the best since Admiral Thrawn himself.

"A trap."

He turned on heel and ran back to the bridge, not letting anything get in his way.

Barek turned to face him as he ran into the noisy bridge.

"Well, you're back early, Garrick. Did everything..."

"Barek, get Jun-la on the comm again....oh, and Komad. This is an emergency."

Barek didn't question his orders, and immediatley nodded.

"Right away."

He waved a hand to the comm station soldiers.

A blue hologram appeared.

Garrick stood in front of it.

"Jun-la and Kaltas...I've come to a sudden realization...Sith are known for not making mistakes, at least not often. Something seemed suspicious, as the New Empire is well-known for covering up their tracks, and also...."

He paused for a moment, "The coordinates given are surround by Nebulas. In other words, a massive fleet could lay in wait, and we wouldn't know about it until it was too late."

Garrick took a breath and waited for a response. He could hear on his helmet's comm channel that Barek was calling in some more of the Mandalorian fleet.

Grand Admiral Khorzan Velerc stood in his usual position, watching space fly by in the Nebula.

A lieutenant came from behind.

"Sir, comm interceptors arepciking up messages regarding the traces created by The Avenger."

Velerc smiled, "Excellent. If they act like I calculated, they will be here soon. Now...all we need is a clear for combat engagement. Which I give."

A comm signaled.

Admiral. We have infiltrated a Republic ship and disabled their hyperdrive, moving on to the shields."

"Excellent, Trooper Naeros. Proceed with disabling them. You are cleared to do what you deem necessary for the Empire."

Captain Durrel looked at the ship's log.


He thought for a moment, "Fierfek...we used to have an outpost there."

One of the analysts came over, "Yeah...I remember that...the incident with some strange local power, something...spiritual, the reports said."

"More like Paranormal."

He looked at the log a little longer, "Kajumo would love this....what say we visit some old stuff?"

The Analyst chuckled under his helmet, "Heck, might as well. Anything is better then waiting to get shot here."

Durrel activated the Navacomputer.

"Then there we go."

He put in the coordinates and punched the ancient hyperdrive.

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