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Wrath looked to Andirrul and than to Tyrannus. At this point he wasn't sure what to make. He could see they were struggling over control but it looked like two children who just couldn't seem to get along; either way Wrath had enough. However before he could speak Andirrul went off about Kalla Kaltas and someone related to Andirrul. He didn't understand the point of love, it just showed weakness. Rather than express what he really thought of the situation he decided to leave.

"I will give you time to take this in alone my mistress, but if you need me just summon me. Lord Tyrannus if I possibly have a word with you in the cockpit it would be greatly appreciated."

Wrath left Andirrul's chambers and headed for the cockpit. He sat in a chair and watched the stars out in space.


Kurt was glad that Komad wanted him to come. He followed after the jedi but did not take a seat when they reached their destination. It wasn't that he felt unworthy or anything, he just preferred to stand. He listened in on what Garrick had said and what Komad replied with. He thought about the situation for a moment and what he would do if he were attacking.

"Sir if I can say something I strongly consider we get on that ship now. If the sith have taken out of hyperdrive chances are they're going for our sheilds and our weapons so we can't fight back. If we can get off this ship quietly, we can turn the autopilot on for this ship and use it as a decoy for the sith to shoot at while we land safely. If need be I'll stay here and make sure they go for this ship."
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