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"Would I lie?" Tyrannus asked. It was time to show her that she had much more to learn about deceit and pain. "You left her, she was in pain. The closest was the cousin. Logical choice."


"Acknowledged," Jun-la replied. "Komad, I can meet your ship in orbit, we can patrol the area." She was already plugging in coordinates that the navicomputer had brought up.

Andros moved back to the gun turrets to allow Matton to take over piloting. As he had learned when he first met Matton was to let him take over the flying. The man knew more about flying a ship like he knew much about the Force. He said, "I'll ready weapons to be ready."


Tonatius had noted the pessimistic attitude from Kalla. He couldn't blame her really but she had to learn to control her feelings. She would never be Avalonian, but he could at least teach her techniques that would hopefully give her serentity. He said, "Life is a gamble yet it is not. Where there is life, there is the Force, bending it and shaping it to its will. Understanding it takes time." Tonatius then closed his eyes and reached out to feel Jatalra. He suddenly opened his eyes and said, "There is a presence on the surface. Ancient."

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