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Okay... what had happened was that I had been agitated by a fairly minor issue. Instead of dealing with it more privately, or getting over it, I reacted to it in the 'suburban sprawl' thread and a moderator didn't take to kindly to that. I took that warning badly and reacted even worse than the first time. Then I got banned for a month.

Despite being welcomed back, I felt that I was not the only one at fault in the whole thing. And I continued to make that known. Then when I was told about how some perceived me after all the threads I've posted, I realized that I was doing the same d**** thing that I was complaining about.

When everything in the world goes completely wrong, maybe the problem is with you. I realized that if I just surrendered and admitted that I was wrong, it would be taken better than if I kept acting like before. Now that I have, I just feel better than when I assumed I was righteous in all this.

I take back everything I said or implied, for I was the one who escalated a minor issue into a larger one. I insulted other members without justification, humiliated myself, and I got off easy when those enforcing this forum could have come down much harder on me. I genuinely appreciate and respect their judgment and I will show the proper respect to everyone else on this forum.
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