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Question Full Throttle Fan-game-project-recruiting

Full Throttle is one of the best games there are under the Adventure game-genre. It would be best to make a fan-game in same genre.(Yeah it would)

We have moved back to the RPG!

If you want to help me sign in and tell me what you want to do and give some evidence of your skills.

What is needed:

Background\Tileset artist
If you can draw FT-like backgrounds and/or tilesets, youīre welcome.

Storyline writer
I can help in this part too. Get the cliches out of your mind and be creative.

AGS Scripter
If someone knows how to use AGS better than I do, you can make some scripts and other stuff.

Sprite ripper
Sprite ripping is an important thing too.

Team members at the moment
Origo - Yeah, thatīs me, the leader of the project. I also draw backgrounds and work on the sprites and the storyline too.
Alek123 - Works on the sprites, backgrounds and the storyline.

Thatīs all at the moment.

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