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"I wonder, why do you not hesitate in greeting me. I believe that the Jensaarai were viewed as isolationist and dark-side affiliated during the old Jedi Order."

"I do not see why I shouldn't hesitate in greeting you. You have not attempted to strike me down with either your saber or with a barrage of force lightning. And I'm sorry to tell you that I never had the opportunity to learn that much about the Jensaarai except of what I heard in rumors while I was on the run."

"Our own records tell that the first who accepted our existence between light and dark was Master Skywalker of the new Jedi Order. And because you have lived during the time Darth Vader was a known figure in the Galaxy, would you not fear when you saw someone with my kind of armor and a lightsaber?"

Alriana had to think on that for a moment.

"...No I don't believe I would. Because I know that Darth Vader is long since dead...and if you did mean me harm...we would not be sitting here having this conversation. Intead we would be battling it out in the corridors of this ship."

Alriana's head shot up from her pillow as a sudden sensation hit her like a thunderbolt.

There is someone else down on the planet with the Holocrons...Someone must be attempting to get to them before the jedi do.

Alriana had lived on that planet for nearly ten years before she had been frozen, she had established a bond with the Wild- life and a somewhat weaker one with the holocrons and right now she knew that something was disturbing them.

"There is...someone else down there besides the jedi...something is upsetting the wildlife down there."

Alriana struggled out of the bed and brought her hood up around her head. "I apologize but I must be going...something is wrong down there."

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