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(to be fair, Kalla did have feelings for Tonatius before she met Andorra)

"I sense it too. And one not so ancient, yet not of this world." Kalla added. As the ship touched down on the surface, Komad noticed that the landing gear immediately started to sink into the mud. "Not good. We have to get what we're after, and get out of here, as quickly as possible, if we want to get out of here at all." He commented. "The holocrons are here, but probably well hidden." Reyvan suggested. "Then we should start looking." Kalla pointed out. While she and Tonatius searched inside the ruined structed, Komad and Reyvan investigated opposites of the exterior. Reyvan, sensing someone unaccounted for, checked behind a rock an spotted Pahro. "A reporter? What are you doing out here?" He asked.

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