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It had been nearly a year, a year since his defection from the 'Nex Venators', and a year since going Rogue, and leaving the New Galactic Empire to find some form of solace. And almost a year since arriving on this planet, and a year since he'd seen other sentient beings.

Vector felt them, all of them, the Force Users that had arrived. They weren't on the planet yet, but he could feel them, orbiting above his head, getting ready to descend. And he felt another, one who was on the planet, one who was in the ruins, tampering with his home.

Although a year was short in comparison to most stays, the planet offered little training for Vector, the dangerous creatures no longer bothered him, and no one visited the planet, not after he'd scared a group of scavenging pirates away from the crash site of the transport he'd come in on, putting it in their minds with his Umbaran abilities, that the planet was cursed, thus causing others to steer clear. Instead, Vector had learned to spend his days meditating, a thing few Dark Side users did, or at least had the patience to do; neither was he taught to meditate, by either the Sith order, or the 'Nex Venators'. But with time he taught himself patience, and meditation, and had spent at least ten hours out of every day strengthening himself in meditation, the other hours of the day were spent foraging, or hunting (during the first few months of his stay, but after awhile he learned what was edible from the wildlife in the area, and thus now leaves them alone), practicing combat, traveling, or exploring the ruins, and on occasion, sleeping. A whole year of meditation for ten hours a day, every day had caused his Dark Immanence in the Force to dissipate, and it was almost completely replaced with the wild natural essence of the Force that flowed through the planet itself, thus making him almost invisible to those that wielded the Force. Along with his training as a 'Nex Sicarius', he could make himself disappear into the planet itself it would seem, and keep himself hidden from any who would seek to cause him harm.

'They must be here for the Holocrons,' Vector thought to himself, lifting himself from the ground, where he had been sitting in a meditative stance. He focused his attention on the one who was already on the planet though, he could feel something within this one, something hidden, an ulterior motive of some kind, something dark, his Umbaran blood was what helped him sense that, with some help from the Force and maybe some hidden observation of this person he could find out what they wanted.

Vector focused on masking what little presence he created in the Force, and began to move towards the person's location, if they were after him, in any way, he would soon know, and if they posed a great enough threat, to either him, or the Holocrons, then the person would have to be eliminated, much to his own discomfort.

He'd been watching the woman for quite awhile, before he sensed the presence of others in the area, most of them were quite strong in the Force, and stuck out like sore thumbs.

'Jedi,' he mumbled to himself, then redirecting his gaze to the woman who'd been discovered by one of the Jedi. He didn't like what he was feeling within the woman, but from what he could tell, and decipher from her intentions, she was, by all means, harmless, to him at least.

Vector turned his senses to the ruins, he could sense the other Jedi, they were searching the interior, and the opposite end of the outside as well.

'As would be expected of the Jedi, they've come for the Holocrons. But....I fear if they take them, I'll be left here...alone,' Vector thought to himself. He had been without living sentient socialization for quite some time, but the Holocrons had kept him company, although it had taken most of the time he had been on the planet to even get the Holocrons to work for him. But by now a few of the Holocrons trusted him (if artificial projections 'trusted' that was), some of the projections even called him Padawan, but a vast majority still didn't work for him. But he feared losing them, and as was common with all former members of the Sith, fear drove him, and fear could drive someone to do irrational things. Vector breathed in deeply and sighed inaudibly, gathering himself and getting control of his emotions; regardless of how he felt about the situation, he didn't need to do anything stupid. He would have to try and stop them from taking the Holocrons, and hopefully without violence, but knowing the Jedi, a being with the markings and emanations of a Sith would often provoke immediate hostility, as was the lesson he'd learned roughly a year ago.

Vector grimaced and shot off without a trace; no one knew he was there, and no one knew he was watching, he'd have to use that to his advantage.

Vector stared at the two Jedi that were rummaging around the inside of the ruins, evaluating them and seeing how he sized up in terms of skill, in case it really did come down to violence. He could however just use his "Stealth" Blaster to make them 'one with the Force' in a matter of moments, but he didn't want a repeat of past events creeping up on him, no he'd figure something out.

Vector only knew of one thing to do however, and that was speak, "You two, why do you intrude upon my dwelling? I will give you fair warning, go, before I am forced to remove you."

Vector's voice carried outward throughout the entirety of the interior ruins, thus masking where his voice was coming from. He also remained out of sight, and detecting him through the Force would be quite a difficult task, if not impossible.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)
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