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Durrel brought the ship out of hyperspace, directly above their Republic friends.

He looked out the viewport at the Republic vessel.

"That's a coincidence...well maybe not."

He activated a planetary scan and spotted the ruins of the former Mandalorian base.

"That's where we'll go...there should be some logs and equipment there....and we'll figure out the importance of this...Jatalra."

A nearby analyst nodded, "Perhaps we'll stumble upon some ysalamiri..that may help us with the...paranormal problems on the planet."

Durrel nodded, fingering his blaster, "Well, we'll see. We're breaking into the atmosphere now."

Garrick stared at the command channel, wondering what to do.

We could take the bait, and inevitably fall into a trap. Or we can ignore the sighting and forget the matter entirely...but we need this. Sightings are few and far between, if they occur. We have the firepower...and the allies to do it...

He came to a decision, "Barek, sound Battle Stations and send us to the coordinates. If there's a trap, we'll be ready."

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