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"I am no ordinary reporter," Pahro replied. "I'm also an amateur archaeologist, though my level of study would be more akin to a professional's. My name is Pahro Utonula, also known as P to the rest of the galaxy. I came here because I'm sensitive to the Force as well, and the Force has told me that there is someone here just as ancient as these holocrons, at least in our time." She paused. The skeptical expressions on her listeners' faces did not bode well.

"I have not come for any of the holocrons. I'm not a Jedi. You can have them. However, I would like an interview with the one who, I sense, has been frozen in time until very recently." She held up her hands in surrender. "Since I am P, and not some hack behind a holomike, will you grant me this chance, or bring me to the one who might grant it?" She stepped back all of a sudden.
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