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As Alriana struggled off the bed, the Cathar jumped on his feet and slipped his helmet back on over his head. A gentle hiss stabilized the atmospheric pressure inside the suit and began regular air filtration systems, despite it not being all that necessary on board a Star Destroyer such as this. Inside the helmet, a HUD flared up indicating the working of the life support system, suit integrity, proximity sensor readings as well as indicators whether or not the vocoder was on, the radio was being monitored and the status of any translations from one language to the other. The vocoder indicator flickered to the on-position while the large armored humanoid followed the Jedi out of the infirmary.

"With all due respect, Jedi of the Old Order, things have changed since your times. Things are less... sophisticated" the Cathar said and followed her towards the hangar, supporting her if she fumbled.

"I'll pilot you down there" Nandorr continued.

A while later, they reached the hangar and Nandorr led her to a small two-person fighter. It was better to use one of those instead of taking down a large shuttle for no other reason but grandeur. As long as the two of them could squeeze in and out of the fighter with relative ease, it would serve the purpose of going through an atmosphere. Just as the armored Cathar was about to climb up to the cockpit, an officer came up and saluted.

"Jensaarai Nandorr. We have picked up a craft heading directly for the planet with high velocity. It's Mandalorian" the officer said and the Jensaarai glanced back before clambering into his seat.

"Inform Komad if you can contact him. Forward the location of their shuttle to my HUD. And hide the ship once I'm gone. We don't want anyone to know we're here, especially if they discover what we're seeking from here" the Jensaarai commanded before closing the cockpit dome and prepping everything.

"Hold on, Alriana. These things have gotten quite a bit faster since the days of the Clone Wars" he told her, glanced back and flew the fighter out of the hangar and for the planet's surface.

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