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Pahro had not only stepped back because of the sudden lack of personal space between herself and the others, but also because she thought she saw someone she recognized from the HoloNet--and heard about from her Mistress--in her immediate vicinity. She turned to Reyvan and exclaimed:

"Wait! I know I've seen you somewhere before, or at least heard about you. You're Reyvan, right? You're all over the HoloNet! I hate to sound too much like the giddy schoolgirl I once was, but it's so very nice to meet a fellow celebrity! Perhaps if I can't find the one I'm looking for, I can interview you?"

She extended her cocoa-toned hand to shake his. Her nails were perfectly manicured, longer than Andirrul's and twice as sharp. She beamed a smile.


Everywhere Andirrul turned aboard the Phantasm, she heard the mocking words of Tyrannus inside her mind. I have to learn to control my anger, she thought, and not waste it on idiots. No--not CONTROL it, but rather USE it to my advantage. What am I, a Jedi or a Sith Lord?

Once again, she was in her private chambers, and once again, she was practicing the forms of her most favorite combat art. However, this time she was frustrated, because no matter how hard she tried, she could not truly concentrate. The voice inside of her that was Andorra was trying to give her instructions on stances and strikes, but the voice that was Lord Virul was laughing. You are still weak, said the voice, and always will be.

Tears threatened to surface in her golden eyes, but she fought them back.

Kalla no longer loves you. The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner you truly can become powerful. Let her go. She has betrayed you, as you betrayed her when you slew the host that was once mine instead of standing down, as a Jedi would. Kalla does not view your final act as betrayal--she instead sees it as sacrifice--but you, WE, know better.

You are a traitress, Andorra Evenstar, and she will indeed make you pay.

Unless you listen to me now, all is lost. Do you remember your 'sublustrum?' The reason you have not fully perfected 'skorost' is because you have not yet combined it with that complex state into which you fall so completely. This art is not about logic--about keeping a cool head and a keen eye. That is what the Jedi forms are for, and that is why they're weak. 'Skorost' is all about passion, about fury, about rage, and about making the other yield.

Before you even draw your blades, fall into that first stage. You can do it.

Andirrul couldn't believe what she was hearing in the chambers of her mind.

If you can fight in 'skorost' while in Sublustrum IV, that final level that made you slay the body I once inhabited, you will be unstoppable. Not nearly-unstoppable or possibly unstoppable. You will conquer, then and only then.

Now, get to work. I don't waste time with fools, least of all you, little one!
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