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((Boy you guys are going fast. I can only access at night. Day is if I am lucky. Don't forget I am still here. We might want to slow a bit so Tsys can respond on a timely basis too.))

"Practice if you must," Tyrannus replied, "Though I think your time would be best spent if you learned how to break a Jedi. Your former lover would be ample. After all she betrayed you by having feelings for him." He leaned back on the bulkhead, watching her practice her techniques. He loved toying with her mind since she was stuck between two. He would use deception and mental games just to get a rise out of her.


Tonatius explored with Kalla. Even while she was discussing over power cells he was exploring, his senses drawn. He said again, "Something is here. Ancient. Also deception is here in the flesh."

He looked at the stranger and said, "Water flowing looks peaceful but it hides a terrible face. Darkness exists when it rises above the calm." He was warning Reyvan and Kalla, that something was not right. "Of course there are those who can read the currents." He then raised his arms to show his sword hanging at his belt. "Looking for a stick of light here yet there is none."


Andros guided the ship to a stable orbit. They were above Jaltara, orbiting for any signs of danger. His master had seemed excited at the prospect of the Jedi who survived the infamous Order 66. He kept his thoughts to himself as Jun-la activated the comm, "Master Komad, we have arrived. What is your current status?"

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