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Tonatius knew what Kalla was asking but he refused to be led like a kirath hound on a leash. A warrior never parted with their blade and he was pleased that it wasn't going to be an issue. As a parting shot to the stranger, he said, "You may be able to sense us though why you call me a Jedi is beyond me. Yet can you sense those that have masked themselves within the Force or cut themselves off completely?"


"You know I'm usually the one that goes on missions like this but this will work. I'll keep a minimal distance and if you need me, call me."

Jun-la waved off Matton and turned to Andros. She then looked up at the sky. "Two unfamiliar presences, one Ancient."

Andros listened but didn't know what to make of it. True he had sensed someone other than their companions but the other he wasn't sure if one of their Miako friends had followed or not. He thought it best not to say anything about that so he asked, "Make like the Force?"

Jun-la nodded and Andros began masking his presence with the Force. It was a technique that his master said came from the elder masters of her world and that it went back to the days of the Exile. He finished his task and looked at his master for confirmation. When she nodded they set off following Komad's path to Tonatius and Kalla.

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