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"Hey Aiden, it's Eve. You should really be looking at who's actually calling, dude."

"Right, um, I'm loading things into the apartment. You know how it is. Well, actually, maybe you don't."

"Yeah, I'm gonna be a little late, dumb traffic. But I'll be there, don't worry. Nothing is stopping us from doing this concert. Can you believe it? The tickets have been flying."

Aiden smiled. His dreams were finally coming together, and for once things were looking up. The Zombie Wars had taken his life off track, along with a majority of people in the US, and he was just glad that things were mostly back to normal.

"Well, I'm going to go get the rest of the stuff into the apartment. Then I'm heading straight over to the studio for rehearsal. Do you have those gloves yet?"

"Yeah baby, I made them last night." She laughed. "Why don't you worry about more than just that for a change?"

Aiden laughed. "You're one to talk. Besides, what else do I have to worry about?"

"Nothing, baby, I'll see ya in a bit."

"You too, see ya."

And with that, he smiled as he walked back to the truck.
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