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Originally Posted by Padwon_link View Post
Okay, my favorite is definitely Mara Jade, this is because she is, I think, the first female Jedi of the NJO (New Jedi Order). Also any illustration of her give me a chill down my spine. But furthermore I really like her attitude. In an earlier forum I said that Bastila looks like my girlfriend, well she does, but Mara acts JUST LIKE HER. So really, it is a personal world connection to why I like Mara Jade.
You might give show of a pic--if she really does.

By the by: Just a precautionary, making such claims might invite other members to give you a hard time. I.E. "pics or it never happened" being most popular, or "no you don't because if you did you wouldn't be immature enough to brag about it". I've seen other forumites get pretty brutal.

I can definitely understand liking pics and jpegs (or whatever) of fantasy women. They certainly don't bitch and complain like real women, play ridiculous little games, never "let themselves go" so you'd have to worry how good looking/embarrassing they will be, and they don't eat all your food while you're out working or going to college.

Oh and they never complain about you going off and doing fun stuff on the weekends.
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